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Experience the enchanting sounds of the Moon-10 Kalimba by Magadi, a beautifully crafted instrument introduced in 2020. Featuring a solid resonant block that “floats” on a goat skin membrane, the Moon-10 produces a rich, resonant sound that captures the essence of nature. Whether you’re playing the sounds of a starry night, a setting sun, a mountain spring, or a desert wind, the standard tuning in C major pentatonic / A minor pentatonic makes it easy to create these serene melodies.

The Moon-10 comes with a durable black padded case, perfect for protecting your kalimba on your travels. To enhance your musical journey, we’ve included a 24-page color manual based on tablature. This manual is designed to teach you powerful improvisational techniques and provides various learning tools, allowing you to explore and master this captivating instrument. For those looking for variety, alternative tunings are also available.

Unleash your creativity and let the Moon-10 Kalimba guide you through a musical adventure like no other.

3 tunings available!   

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